Herpes Disease - a skin infection

Herpes Disease - Genital herpes is a skin infection caused by a virus that is transmitted through sex.
Sometimes found on the patient's mouth for oral sex is concerned with people with herpes.
A. Cause

Infected with herpes simplex virus (VSH)
There are two types of VSH:

1. Type 1
2. Type 2

Both have the potential to infect the anus, tongue, mouth, lips and face. Infections that occur on the lips or the face will be accompanied by demam. This type of virus can be determined where the outbreak.

B. Infected body

In women: genital area; vulva and vagina inlet
On men: the base of the penis, penis bud, stems penis and testicles
In addition to these areas, the infection can also occur in the anus.

C. The symptoms

A. One or more water-filled blisters on the skin sore genitals, both male and female, also in the anus, buttocks, and thighs.
2. Occasionally small blisters will burst and form open sores
3. Can be dry by it and leave the scab

Caused by herpes sores can last up to 3 weeks or more, accompanied by fever, rash, and enlarged lymph glands. Women who suffer from herpes will have difficulty in discharging urine.

The herpes virus remains in the body even though symptoms of the disease had disappeared. Usually the blisters will recur in the same place, a few weeks to know the following years with pain and a relatively reduced amount. But then will heal by it.

D. Treatment

Have not found the right medication to cope with herpes. To reduce the effects of herpes, keep cleaning the area of infection and do not have sex even with a condom.

Wash hands frequently and avoid touching the herpes sores. Be careful with this virus can spread on the eye if rubbed into the eye after contact with herpes sores.

E. Warning

If a woman gave birth with a history of previous genital herpes, can be sure the baby is born is also affected by herpes. You must notify the midwives and doctors who delivered babies in order to protect your eyes from the genital herpes virus.

F. The facts about herpes

A. There are two types of herpes, herpes affecting the oral cavity (oral herpes) and genital herpes that attacks organs (genital herpes)
2. According to the research in the United States, approximately 50-80% of adults infected with oral herpes, accompanied by high fever
3. One in every five adults in the United States has contracted genital herpes. Often they are unaware of spreading genital herpes to the genital or oral to genital contact during sexual
4. Oral and genital herpes is very disturbing activities, but generally not very harmful to adults if promptly carried out the correct care and treatment
5. Herpes does not affect the human immune system.
6. Genital herpes virus has the potential to become the entrance of HIV into the body
7. The herpes virus takes a few days after the successful entry into the body to spread and infect.

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