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Monday, July 16, 2012

Renal Tubular Acidosis Disease

Renal tubular acidosis (ATR) or Renal tubular acidosis (RTA) is a kidney disease (rhenal) especially on the part of his renal tubules. According to a number of scientific literatures in health, diseases ATR are quite rare disease, with clinical manifestations are nonspecific, so diagnosis is often delayed.

Under normal circumstances, the kidneys absorb acid metabolic waste from the blood and threw it into the urine. In patients with this disease, part of the kidney called the renal tubules cannot function properly, so only a little acid thrown into the urine. The result is a buildup of acid in the blood, resulting in acidosis, the acid levels to be above the normal threshold.

According to a number of scientific literatures in health, diseases ATR are quite a rare disease, with clinical manifestations are nonspecific, so diagnosis is often delayed. But according to Dr. dr. Damayanti Rusli Sjarif, Sp.A (K), a specialist in nutrition and metabolic child in the Section of Child Health at the RSCM Jakarta, ATR disease patients that he treated the day more. In 2005 alone, which he signed ATR patients there's about 20 children. And every year prevalence rates continue to increase.


Acidosis disease if left unchecked can cause the following effects:

* Low levels of potassium in the blood. If low blood potassium levels, then there is a neurological disorder such as muscle weakness, decreased reflexes and even paralysis.
* The deposition of calcium in the kidneys that can lead to kidney stone formation. If that happens then there could be damage to the cells of the kidney and chronic renal failure.
* The tendency of dehydration (lack of fluids)
* Softening and bending of the bones that cause pain (osteomalacia or rickets).
* Lower limb motor disorders are a major complaint that is often found, so that the child has a delay to be able to sit, crawl and walk.
* The tendency of indigestion, due to excess acid in the stomach and intestines, so that patients have impaired absorption of nutrients from the intestines into the blood. Patients experienced delays due to further growth and development (delayed development) and less weight.


Usually, doctors cannot ascertain the cause of ATR. But the suspected disease is caused by heredity or could arise as a result of drugs, heavy metal toxicity or autoimmune diseases (e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus or Sjögren's syndrome).


So far the medical world has not found a cure or therapy to cure, because the disease is classified as organ damage, such as diabetes mellitus (insulin due to damage to the gland).

While this treatment is merely ATR therapy to control blood acidity, i.e. by giving a drug containing the substance is alkaline (alkaline) at regular intervals (periodic), in order to reach the level of neutral acidity, as in normal people. These alkaline substances containing the active ingredient sodium bicarbonate (bicnat).

Judging from its shape, at least three types of bicnat in the Indonesian market, tablets, powders, and liquids.

If the patient's children, so when using the drug in tablet, tablets should be crushed first before use. After it is mixed with boiled water, then administered to the patient. Whereas if you use powder and liquid form, mixed with boiled water to live and give to the patient, according to the dose your doctor prescribed.

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